Monday, December 18, 2017

Garlic Oil for the Hair

Why on Earth would anyone want to use garlic on their scalp? That is the question!!! Garlic is known for its hellacious odor. There are some great benefit in using garlic on the scalp. You must be careful because too much could cause scalp irritation.

1. It contains a high level of sulfur. In the hair care world, sulfur is gold. I remember how women on the hair forum use to concoct a witch's brew of sulfur and a carrier oil or they would purchase MTG. MTG was liquid gold and they swore that the concoction would make their hair grow.
2. It is anti-fungal.
3. It contains selenium.
4. It contains vitamins B1, B6, and C.
5. It is rich in calcium, copper, iron, and manganese.
6. It stimulated blood circulation.

Garlic oil can also be taken internally, but I am not going to get into that because the focus of this is scalp application.

Hey Tea, How do you use  the garlic oil?
 I am glad you asked. I apply it to my scalp just like you would if your were going to apply hair grease. I leave it on my scalp for 30 minutes. I use my conditioner just like a shampoo and scrub my scalp. The smell is strong but when you wash it the smell goes away.

Can I make my own instead of purchasing it?
Yes, you can. There are recipes on the Internet, and you are welcome to do a search for them. I will not be making it because the smell is to much to endure for me.

Why are you using garlic?
I heard that it makes the hair grow. Seriously, I have terrible dandruff and I need something that is going to help with it because I am not using my Selsum Blue. I am co washing my hair. Since using the product, I have noticed that my dandruff is minimal. For that, I am grateful.

What brand of garlic oil are you using? I inserted a picture. I purchased it at the local Indian grocery store in my area. Hemani.

How much oil comes in the container?
1 oz.

I recommend that anyone should give it a try. You won't know unless you try. Happy Hair Growing (HHG).

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Amla Oil Recipe

I have recently decided to get back on the horse after a great fall. I have gone back to the basics. I am using hair oils which work out well for my hair. I recently infused an oil that I am using and it makes my hair feel super soft and strong.

Things that you will need:
 2 tablespoons of each dry ingredient 
     Amla Powder
     Lavender Flower herb
     Rosemary herb
     Peppermint herb
8oz carrier oil (your choice)
slow cooker

This is what I did.
Step 1: I put my  carrier oil of choice into the slow cooker and set the temperature to low.
Step 2: Next, I added all of my dry ingredients.
Step 3: Finally, I allowed the oil to infuse for 3 hour stirring every 30 minutes.

Carrier Oils that are good to use.
3. Sesame Oil

Hair Care: For daily use, apply a generous amount to your roots, scalp, and hair. Massage the oil into your scalp using your fingertips to stimulate circulation.
Hot oil treatment: Heat water in a microwave safe container for 1 minute. After water has been heated place oil into the water until it is warm then apply to hair.

This oil helps to strengthen hair and replenish lost moisture. It uses natural ingredients. I like to use this oil as part of my deep conditioning treatment.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Here is a PR Focus WGHO

Friday, October 4, 2013

To Baggy or Not To Baggy?? That is the Question.

Purpose: It is routinely used to get a moisture boost between washing. It is used to help those who have excessively dry hair.

How to use......
Moisturize hair with a product that is very good for moisturizing.
Apply a plastic hair hat
Leave on until bed time (some people do it over night).
Goal 2 - 3 hours per daily

       Is this something that I want for my hair? I am low porosity and I tried this...... The verdict!!!! I ended up with over moisturized gummy hair. It tangled up very bad. I can't do it. My moisture levels were fine and I messed it up. I am gonna have to start listening to my hair and stop jumping on every bandwagon there is.
       Baggying can be good if you have low porosity and are on the dry end of the spectrum. Just because you are low porosity doesn't mean that you are going to be dry always. It is true that once you get the moisture in it is hard to get it out.  I can witness. I never thought I would ever be in this predicament. Is it a bad thing? It can be. Enter the dreaded protein......
       To fix this mess, you have to use a protein conditioner because that is what the hair lack. I did the Aphogee Two Step and Followed up with a deep moisturizing condition. Did it work? Ahhhhh..... NO!!!! My hair is still very, overly moisturized and that is that. I will have to wait 6 weeks before I can do it again. It has a shine out of this world. I can't get it to hold the twist. My hair is not behaving good at all. I have never had issues with my hair holding a style. It is like it change on me. I look like a 4a. I'm not, I have 4c hair. My curls are popping and I can do a wash n go. I don't like it. So......To Baggy or Not To Baggy?

I created a video and  this is what I actually thought. I can admit that I was wrong.
Maybe once every blue moon, lol. ~ttfn

Tea Den 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Relaxed Hair Focused!!!! :(

       I was just looking back on some of the blogs and I noticed that they are all geared toward relaxed hair. I remember when I got my first relaxer. I was in the 9th grade. That lifestyle lasted 20 years. I cannot believe that I was a slave to the creamy crack.  I was a die hard relaxed head girl and I new I would never go natural. Never!!!! About 6 years ago I got into healthy hair after all of my hair had fallen out due to improper use of relaxers. For the majority of the years that I was relaxed I word my hair cut short because I assumed that my hair could not grow passed a certain point. I wore gorgeous styles too. I was a slave to hair color also during this time. I have done everything that could be done to hair and survived. I reminisce about having a difficult time because my hair would not take relaxers. I would relax every 4 weeks because it got nappy too fast. Over time I gradually learned to stretch my relaxers. I think my longest stretch to date is 12 weeks, maybe. My hair actually started to grow because when you learn better you do better. 

       My hair has been my greatest struggle. I live in a society that values light skin or anything close to white, "good hair" or anything close to straight, and thick bodies or J-Lo. I have none of those things. I can remember being teased because my hair was short and my face is dark. I held my head up and carried on. I was never the one who would wear artificial hair, so I endured my short hair. When I learned better my hair grew like I have never know before.

       Well, I am hear to say that I's natural now!!!!!! My hair is now my greatest asset that gets the most compliments. It grow also. I have a good length going on. I actually like my hair. My hair stats are as follows:
1. strand size: thick
2. texture: cottony
3. curl pattern: circular coils and s curls
4. porosity: low
With each passing year, I get a little better in find out who I am. My next blog is going to be about the tug of war between protein and moisture. ~ttfn.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Product Review: Cosmetics: Wet n Wild I'm Getting Sunburned Palette

I purchased this palette because the colors look beautiful and I figured that I could make the pink work for me. It consist of three very pigmented colors. 
1. The Brow bone - This color is a very shimmery light pink. I believe that it has a white base because on my skin tone it appears silvery.
2. The Crease - This color is a very deep dark chocolate brown with shimmers or glitter. It is very gorgeous.
3. The Eyelid - This color is  a peachy gold with shimmers or glitter. It is a very warm color.

I am on the fence with this palette because I had false expectations. Pink is my favorite color but pink makeup is not my friend. So, I have to learn to face the realities.
The second photo is what the colors look like in the palette. I have reasons to believe that this palette is a warm palette because it actually works with my skin tone to a degree. 
This third photo swatch of  the colos in the palette. This is what it looks like on very dark skin tone with warm undertones. The pink doesn't actually look pink on me but silver. That is what colors with a white base or color undertone do to me.
This is me after I had attempted to use this palette. I think the next look that I will attempt from this palette will not include the pink. I actually like the gold color the best. This review had nothing to do with hair per say but that's OK. I have some more product review that are on the way that consist of products for the hair. Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Length Check

This is a photo of me. I suppose this is right at the end of my challenge. I need to make mention that I trimmed my hair in the middle of this challenge because it was desperately needed. I actually trimmed quite a bit. My hair seems to be growing nicely.