Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Me Talking

I have not been faithful in keeping up with my hair regimen. I have been shampooing every two week but my hair really doesn't need it. I think shampoo is a bit harsh for my hair. I'll just have to monitor and adjust.

The breakage finally stopped. My hair does so much better when I cowash every 3 or 4 days. I think this is right for me. I went back to my protein, moisture, moisture way to balance protein and moisture.

I can see a definite curly pattern in my hair. I have a lot of curly curls in my head. They are very resilient. I have some extremely coarse hair that tangles very easy and will break if I'm not careful.

I have a detangling method now and that is something that I have never had since I started my hair journey. I purchased a Denman brush and it really works on my hair. and when I say detangled I mean detangled. I can run my fingers through without any snags. I contemplated for 2 years. I wasted 2 years by assuming that I really didn't need one all the while my mind was telling me that it was something that I needed for my hair type.

With all of that said. I believe that I have the nicest texture and curls in the whole world. I have always been ashamed of my hair and was told that it would never grow long. I settled for hair styles that were short. The devil is a liar because my hair has really grown. I can say this much, the world is solely interested in what it can get for itself and forget about the next person. No one told me I just did research and I found out the truth. I thank GOD!!!! He is worth to be praised.