Sunday, September 22, 2013

Relaxed Hair Focused!!!! :(

       I was just looking back on some of the blogs and I noticed that they are all geared toward relaxed hair. I remember when I got my first relaxer. I was in the 9th grade. That lifestyle lasted 20 years. I cannot believe that I was a slave to the creamy crack.  I was a die hard relaxed head girl and I new I would never go natural. Never!!!! About 6 years ago I got into healthy hair after all of my hair had fallen out due to improper use of relaxers. For the majority of the years that I was relaxed I word my hair cut short because I assumed that my hair could not grow passed a certain point. I wore gorgeous styles too. I was a slave to hair color also during this time. I have done everything that could be done to hair and survived. I reminisce about having a difficult time because my hair would not take relaxers. I would relax every 4 weeks because it got nappy too fast. Over time I gradually learned to stretch my relaxers. I think my longest stretch to date is 12 weeks, maybe. My hair actually started to grow because when you learn better you do better. 

       My hair has been my greatest struggle. I live in a society that values light skin or anything close to white, "good hair" or anything close to straight, and thick bodies or J-Lo. I have none of those things. I can remember being teased because my hair was short and my face is dark. I held my head up and carried on. I was never the one who would wear artificial hair, so I endured my short hair. When I learned better my hair grew like I have never know before.

       Well, I am hear to say that I's natural now!!!!!! My hair is now my greatest asset that gets the most compliments. It grow also. I have a good length going on. I actually like my hair. My hair stats are as follows:
1. strand size: thick
2. texture: cottony
3. curl pattern: circular coils and s curls
4. porosity: low
With each passing year, I get a little better in find out who I am. My next blog is going to be about the tug of war between protein and moisture. ~ttfn.