Thursday, June 30, 2011


This is the regimen that I am currently using. My goal is healthy hair. I am having some issues with breakage and I am going to have to step up with moisturizing. I am going to stretch my relaxer because I have got to get this breakage under control. So, my next relaxer will not be anytime soon.
Wash Day
Cowash Days
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Deep Condition 2 x per week (Tuesday and Saturday)

Cowash - Garnier Fructis Moisture Works, Aussie Moist

Moisturizers - Wave Nouveau, Fantasia IC Leave-in Moisturizer, Long Aid Activator Gel, NTM Silk Touch Leave-in Cream, Surge Moisture Aide

Oils - Coconut oil, EVOO

Leave-ins - Infusium 23 Mix, Mane n Tail Conditioner

Deep Conditioner  - ORS Replenishing conditioner, Motion Moisture Plus. I will be sitting under the hooded dry for 25 minutes.

Growth aids - I use these very sparingly. MTG

Fantasia IC Leave-in Moisturizer

The bottle say 100% effective. It is very effective. I use this product daily to moisturize my hair. I like to use it to create my braidouts.  I usually appy this product to the hair in sections and seal with an oil. This product doesn't leave the hair weighted down just soft and managable. I highly recommend this products. I like this ok and will be repurchasing after I use it up.

Long Aid Activator Gel

      This product is formulated to soften and moisturize the hair according to its label. It does its job. I use is very sparingly because it is after all somwhat sticky if you use too much. I apply this to my ends only after a braidout. This product is very moisturizing because it has glycerin in it and glycerin is a humectant. It will cause the hair to absorb the moisture in the air. I would not advise using this product if the forecast calls for rain. I am not in love with it so, I'm still searching. It is good to use if you baggy your ends but I want to reiterate that it should be use sparingly.

Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner

     This product has cone in it. If you are not familiar with cone I do have a post that is very comprehensive on them. If you have an aversion for cones stay away from this product. According to its label it is infused with panthenol, silicone, and glycerin to help detangle and condition hair. This product also has mineral oil as a second ingredient. I know in the hair growing world we tend to shy away from it because it is a filler in my products and does not do anything to aid in hair growth. I do believe that mineral oil is a laxative if I'm not mistaken.
     I use this product however, I am not in love with it. We have an at will type relationship. I will quit using it at will if I feel like it. I needed a moisturizing conditioner and this is what I ended up with. I will be doing this one until I use it up. I an trying to be open minded about products. 
     I don't like the way it smells though but I tolerate it. I am in the process regaining what I lost during that hiatus. I usually apply this conditioner and sit under the dryer for 25 minutes. I rinse this product off very thoroughly. When this product dies out it turns into some type of silicone or rubber substance so I assume that is what will happen if you leave this product in the hair too long. Over all, if you are just beginning a hair care regimen consider this product. I would say, do knock it until you've tried it. See what it'll do.