Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Regimen

Since I have gone natural, I am finding out that my natural hair does not do what my relaxed hair did. That's a good thing though. When I was relaxed I had to constantly use a protein dc but now I really don't need that so much. I have to make sure my moisture levels are on point because if not my hair will break. When I was relaxed I shampooed twice a week now I don't shampoo too often because the shampoo throws the ph in my hair off. So, here is the regimen that works for me. I was cowash twice a week but I'm trying to get manipulation down to nothing.

I cowash with Tresemme Conditioner mixed with Wheat Germ oil. Then, I DC with Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise, Queen Helen Cholesterol, and L'Oreal Eversleek Smoothing DC. I usually sit under my bonnet dryer for 20 - 30 with it on low heat. I detangle next. After I rinse all of the conditions out I use a spray leave-in. I'm still working with my Infusium Mix and I moisturize. Right now I like my Wave Nouveau. Then I style. The only style that I really like is the twist out. I am playing with wearing my hair in different way.