Sunday, December 4, 2011

BC 11.19.11 SL Challenge 2012

This is me about a week after I BCed my hair. I went to the barber to let him shape it it. I am very pleased with my natural hair. My hair is super thick even being this short. I am posting this picture as a starting picture for the shoulder length challenge. HHG.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Me Talking

I have not been faithful in keeping up with my hair regimen. I have been shampooing every two week but my hair really doesn't need it. I think shampoo is a bit harsh for my hair. I'll just have to monitor and adjust.

The breakage finally stopped. My hair does so much better when I cowash every 3 or 4 days. I think this is right for me. I went back to my protein, moisture, moisture way to balance protein and moisture.

I can see a definite curly pattern in my hair. I have a lot of curly curls in my head. They are very resilient. I have some extremely coarse hair that tangles very easy and will break if I'm not careful.

I have a detangling method now and that is something that I have never had since I started my hair journey. I purchased a Denman brush and it really works on my hair. and when I say detangled I mean detangled. I can run my fingers through without any snags. I contemplated for 2 years. I wasted 2 years by assuming that I really didn't need one all the while my mind was telling me that it was something that I needed for my hair type.

With all of that said. I believe that I have the nicest texture and curls in the whole world. I have always been ashamed of my hair and was told that it would never grow long. I settled for hair styles that were short. The devil is a liar because my hair has really grown. I can say this much, the world is solely interested in what it can get for itself and forget about the next person. No one told me I just did research and I found out the truth. I thank GOD!!!! He is worth to be praised.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I have decided to transition to natural because I am tied of the see saw effect with chemical relaxers. I kind of wonder what is the point. God created me with short nappy hair and I am not going to fight it anymore. I am going to stop being someone that I am not. I am wanting to embrace my natural beauty. I am going through a time of deep soul searching and find out who I really am. Who am I in Christ Jesus? I am longing to be simple me.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


I have a fotki link on here not so check it out you must have a password to see still. I know I'm paranoid. Look to the left.

Cowashing For Now

Since I was having problems with breakage I decided to just throw shampoo out of the regimen. The shampoo was too drying for my fragile hair. I have to admit that I have been having issues with the whole moisture / protein balance thingy also. So I've been cowashing. I do that like every other day or so and it has helped me. I have two different conditioner that are lying around the house so I have started with them. I am made a choice not to purchase or hoard conditioner because it is really not necessary and it will go bad and go to waste. My conditioners of choice are Aussie Moist and GF Moisture Works. I do this on the Tuesday / Saturaday wash day and on Thursday. I use Hair One. I usually deep condition on my Tuesday / Saturday wash day. So all in all I have found something that my hair likes. I have recently started to oil my scalp and hair before I cowash on Tuesday and Saturday. I really like it. My oils of choice are Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. These are what I have and I will not buy anything else until this is used up. I am going to learn to be frugile with the things that have been entrusted to me. I will not waste. I am enjoying my hair. I feel like I am back on target. Praise the Lord Who make all things new!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011


     I am having breakage and it is seriously bothering me. I do believe that it is a combination of things. For the last year and a half, I have not been taking care of my hair. I have been focusing on other things but I am going to have to learn how to balance out everything. My breaking in the beginning was from not moisturizing my hair like I should and not taking my vitamins. I took inventory a while back with my fingernail. They would grow but would split and I assume that if my nails were doing that then chances are my hair is too. So I have started back taking HSN vitamins and a multivitamin. I did a relaxer and have not been acting right there so I relax too close to each other and that may have damaged my hair. Then I did an Aphogee 2 step. That stopped the breakage but I turned right around and did an Aphogee 2min keratin. I know that is bad. I have protein overload and I'm still putting protein in my hair. I'll get better. I just need to figure it out. I guess in due time. Now I have got to step up my game. I know I'm gonna make it with the LORD.

My rantings

Yesterday which was Sunday 7/3/11, I washed my hair and these are the product that I used:

prepoo: coconut oil. I applied this to my scalp and massaged it in. I have been hearing great things about the coconut oil so I am adding it to my regimen. 
Vo5 conditioner: I applied this to my hair. I think in the future I may just omit this for now. 

shampoo: Vo5. I only lather once so this is what I am using. I think because I am having so many issues with breakage. I am going strictly moisture. My breakage is because of protein overload. So I got to take it easy.

d/c: Motions Moisture Plus. I hate this stuff but this is what I have. I just applied it to my hair and didn't sit under the hooded dryer like I was suppose to. I don't believe that it adequetly penetrate the hair shaft. That situation that came up as I was conditioning my hair has just been deleted. I read it as a sign. Leave that thang alone. This may be another reason for the breakage.

 leave-in: I'm using Mane n Tail. I think that this is ok. It is just the other practice that I have picked up that are so wrong. I need to reintroduce back into my regimen the Infusium 23 mix that I was using. I think that this will off set some the weirdness that I am having.

moisturizer: Surge. I using it because I like the way that it smells.

I did a braid out. I turned out terrible because of the way this wash procedure went. Many errors were made and now I can see what to and what not to do. 

I believe to correct the situation I must get rid of the shampoo step until I get this breakage under control, deep condition using heat for no less that 25 minutes, and add the infusium mix back into the regimen.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


This is the regimen that I am currently using. My goal is healthy hair. I am having some issues with breakage and I am going to have to step up with moisturizing. I am going to stretch my relaxer because I have got to get this breakage under control. So, my next relaxer will not be anytime soon.
Wash Day
Cowash Days
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Deep Condition 2 x per week (Tuesday and Saturday)

Cowash - Garnier Fructis Moisture Works, Aussie Moist

Moisturizers - Wave Nouveau, Fantasia IC Leave-in Moisturizer, Long Aid Activator Gel, NTM Silk Touch Leave-in Cream, Surge Moisture Aide

Oils - Coconut oil, EVOO

Leave-ins - Infusium 23 Mix, Mane n Tail Conditioner

Deep Conditioner  - ORS Replenishing conditioner, Motion Moisture Plus. I will be sitting under the hooded dry for 25 minutes.

Growth aids - I use these very sparingly. MTG

Fantasia IC Leave-in Moisturizer

The bottle say 100% effective. It is very effective. I use this product daily to moisturize my hair. I like to use it to create my braidouts.  I usually appy this product to the hair in sections and seal with an oil. This product doesn't leave the hair weighted down just soft and managable. I highly recommend this products. I like this ok and will be repurchasing after I use it up.

Long Aid Activator Gel

      This product is formulated to soften and moisturize the hair according to its label. It does its job. I use is very sparingly because it is after all somwhat sticky if you use too much. I apply this to my ends only after a braidout. This product is very moisturizing because it has glycerin in it and glycerin is a humectant. It will cause the hair to absorb the moisture in the air. I would not advise using this product if the forecast calls for rain. I am not in love with it so, I'm still searching. It is good to use if you baggy your ends but I want to reiterate that it should be use sparingly.

Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner

     This product has cone in it. If you are not familiar with cone I do have a post that is very comprehensive on them. If you have an aversion for cones stay away from this product. According to its label it is infused with panthenol, silicone, and glycerin to help detangle and condition hair. This product also has mineral oil as a second ingredient. I know in the hair growing world we tend to shy away from it because it is a filler in my products and does not do anything to aid in hair growth. I do believe that mineral oil is a laxative if I'm not mistaken.
     I use this product however, I am not in love with it. We have an at will type relationship. I will quit using it at will if I feel like it. I needed a moisturizing conditioner and this is what I ended up with. I will be doing this one until I use it up. I an trying to be open minded about products. 
     I don't like the way it smells though but I tolerate it. I am in the process regaining what I lost during that hiatus. I usually apply this conditioner and sit under the dryer for 25 minutes. I rinse this product off very thoroughly. When this product dies out it turns into some type of silicone or rubber substance so I assume that is what will happen if you leave this product in the hair too long. Over all, if you are just beginning a hair care regimen consider this product. I would say, do knock it until you've tried it. See what it'll do.