Friday, October 4, 2013

To Baggy or Not To Baggy?? That is the Question.

Purpose: It is routinely used to get a moisture boost between washing. It is used to help those who have excessively dry hair.

How to use......
Moisturize hair with a product that is very good for moisturizing.
Apply a plastic hair hat
Leave on until bed time (some people do it over night).
Goal 2 - 3 hours per daily

       Is this something that I want for my hair? I am low porosity and I tried this...... The verdict!!!! I ended up with over moisturized gummy hair. It tangled up very bad. I can't do it. My moisture levels were fine and I messed it up. I am gonna have to start listening to my hair and stop jumping on every bandwagon there is.
       Baggying can be good if you have low porosity and are on the dry end of the spectrum. Just because you are low porosity doesn't mean that you are going to be dry always. It is true that once you get the moisture in it is hard to get it out.  I can witness. I never thought I would ever be in this predicament. Is it a bad thing? It can be. Enter the dreaded protein......
       To fix this mess, you have to use a protein conditioner because that is what the hair lack. I did the Aphogee Two Step and Followed up with a deep moisturizing condition. Did it work? Ahhhhh..... NO!!!! My hair is still very, overly moisturized and that is that. I will have to wait 6 weeks before I can do it again. It has a shine out of this world. I can't get it to hold the twist. My hair is not behaving good at all. I have never had issues with my hair holding a style. It is like it change on me. I look like a 4a. I'm not, I have 4c hair. My curls are popping and I can do a wash n go. I don't like it. So......To Baggy or Not To Baggy?

I created a video and  this is what I actually thought. I can admit that I was wrong.
Maybe once every blue moon, lol. ~ttfn

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